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Michael Bang

Michael was born in Copenhagen, where the profession of seaman is very popular, so he started his career in 1968 as a sailor on trade ships. He travelled a lot while at sea duty, but didn’t plan to spend his whole life at sea.

In 1971 he returned to Denmark, where he got into the sales field. That’s when he found out that this field hides a huge potential.

Considering the fast industrial growth and severe competition passive sales become inefficient, he quickly realized that if he can become professional in active sales he’ll have unlimited possibilities. Yet the passion for travelling stayed with him forever, so he decided to combine these two passions. He went from working with tourism in Spain and selling fur coats to working with an international financing company in Switzerland.

In 1992 he moved to London, where he started trading diamonds in England and Italy. Plus as a sales manager, he was responsible for teaching his personnel, so he began to work more and more on organizing trainings. It turned out to be an exciting and inspiring activity. It reminded me of the time I made my first steps in sales and developed my passion and skills for the art of selling. That’s when I began to think of myself as a professional trainer.

Michael Bang,  International Biz Trainer

Michael Bang — is an iconic figure in the western business society of the last decades. Nowadays Mr. Bang is recognized as one of the best international trainers of managing sales and services. He is the winner of several sales competitions. His manner of presentation of the material is dynamic, simple and clear. He constantly works with the audience.

  1. Author of the 5-Star Sales Systems
  2. Founder of the School of 5-Star Sales & Service


Michael Bang was born in Denmark. Nowadays he mainly works in England, USA and Russia. He has worked in Great Britain, USA, Spain, Italy, India, Mexico, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands for 30 years as a professional salesperson.

Since 1997 he has trained sales specialists in Europe, USA and Russia.

In Russia Michael has gotten a tremendous working experience as a business trainer, almost 100.000 Entrepreneurs, Directors and professional salespersons from all industries from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Omsk, Nizhniy Novgorod and other cities have visited his sales workshop.





Participants of this seminar study an effective sales system “5-Star Sales System” which consists of three parts:

Presale – Sale – Postsale

In the Presale part you will learn:   

• The key factors of any sales
• Formula of success in our business and everyday life.
• Your area of comfort and ways to enhance it.
• “Art of active sales” for life and business.
• Proper attitude of successful sellers.
• 3 types of education that every seller needs.
• Your strengths and weaknesses sides and why it is important to know them both.
• Why the sales of the type “Win – Win” are the best strategy of a long-term success in business.
• How and why people buy.
• How to use “Emotional Bank Account”.
• Various “Personality types” and how to sell to them.
• Sales based on confidence and you can improve your results.
• How sales based on advising  can increase your sales to a higher level.
• How to prepare yourself mentally to succeed.
• Description of a Professional 5-star seller.

In the Sale part you will learn:   

• Precise and universal sales strategy.
• How to find a sufficient amount of clients for your business.
• How to find out during the meeting whether your opponent is your potential client.
• How to build relationships with people so that they want to have business with you.
• How to use the Q technique so that people feel they are important and can trust you.
• How to find out the needs and financial capability of your potential clients.
• How to prepare the list of questions on qualifying that will lead to maximum sales.
• Why people not only by technical features of your products, but also solutions and valuables.
• Effective 4-step Presentation System.
• How a 9-step System of Working with Objections can help you to overcome opponent’s resistance.
• 4 actions you can take to acquire the skills to overcome most objections.
• How to close bargains so that it will be comfortable both for you and your potential client.

In the Postsale part you will learn:   

• How to develop and to work effectively with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
• How to work with statistics to enhance your sales.
• How to analyze you sales meetings and learn from your own experience.
• How to perform the following work after the sale to achieve clients’ loyalty and to get further sales and many recommendations.
• How to look for sellers mistakes and correcting them..

The results of the seminar:

  • A seller who understands the sales system “5-Star Sales System”!
  • A seller who is motivated and energetic!
  • A seller who understands that sales is a profession and a stunning career!
  • A seller who knows how to improve relationships with clients and colleagues.
  • A seller who really likes to sell and intends to improve his/her sales results!


Participants of this seminar study the System of Customer Support to achieve
customers’ satisfaction and satisfaction from work, and to achieve maximum success in business.

In the seminar you will learn

• Basic principles of Customer Support Evaluation and how it is important for the success and profitability of your company.
• Customer Support Scale that will allow you to quickly find out positive and negative points in Customer Service.
• How to conduct Meetings on Customer Service in your company in order to motivate your personnel.
• How to create a Game of Customer Service in your company in order to improve the level of Customer Support.
• What are the “Moments of Truth” and how they affect your company’s success
• What motivates your personnel to show positive or negative Customer Support.
• Why the strategy “Customers first” is the best strategy for your company’s success.
• Who your Inner Customers are and how you can be “valuable” to them.
• What is the best way to support various Customer Groups..
• How you can use the Matrix “Product – Customer” for your company and personal life.
• What is your customers’ Process of Buying and how you can use “Emotional Bank Account”
• How to analyze work Execution to properly understand the needs of your customers.
• How to improve Business Processes in order to make it easier for customers your deal with you.
• How to develop “Customers first” culture in you company so that your team will work together to support customers.
• How to build loyal and long-term Partnership with your customers.
• How Open and Clear Communication improves customers satisfaction and loyalty.
• Why you should regard Customers Complaints as possibilities, not problems.
• 7-step System of Working with Complaints for effective reconciliation.
• Principles of SWOT-Analysis that allow to evaluate your present state and to build future prospects.
• How things you continue to learn everyday define your future.

The results of the seminar:
• Top-manager and Personnel who really understand the importance of the high level of Customer Support!
• Top-manager and Personnel who are motivated and inspired!
• Top-manager and Personnel who have the System of Customer Support!
• Top-manager and Personnel who want to make their company more successful and profitable by the better Support of inner and outer Customers, which leads to creating loyal personnel and loyal customers!


We now live in hard times, and in order to get the same results as before we have to become more creative and effective.
Participants of the seminar will learn how to organize and have a better control of their lives.

Time passes so fast that sometimes we can only wonder where it has gone and what we managed to do.

A way to control our future and to achieve what we want to achieve is to define our real Goals and to study effective Time Management, and to follow these principles.
Time management is in fact Life management!

• Do you feel that you do not achieve your goals and important desires?
• Do you feel that you lack energy and focus in working on the most important 
things in your life?
• Do you have stressed because you have to do so many things and have no time?
• Do you want better control over your business and personal life?
• Do you feel that you spend too much time on small and unimportant things?

If you answered “Yes” to some of the questions above, than this seminar is for you!

In the seminar you will learn:

• How to set the goals to achieve things you really want
• How to make a plan to really achieve your goals
• Key principles of effective Time Management
• How to motivate yourself to properly execute your plan

The results of the seminar:

• You will learn what Goals and Time Management really is and how they affect your life
• You will have a system of managing your life
• You will become more confident that you can achieve your goals and to fulfil your dreams

Come to Michael Bang’s methods seminar and you can improve your motivation, obtain new skills, and acquire more knowledge!


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