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Michael Bang, 

international trainer

School 5-star sales Michael Bang

I would like to write this letter due to the extraordinary work and cooperation with Dmitry Chernyshev.

We first met each other a couple of years ago when I was doing a business seminar in Vladivostok and his attentiveness and eagerness to learn was extraordinary and really impressed me, as we don’t see this very often.

With over 20 years of experience as an international business trainer in many parts of the world working with many different partners I can spot someone with huge potential and Dmitry is one of them.

Next time we met was in Las Vegas for a Sales Conference by the legendary Tom Hopkins and we started our cooperation as business trainers and he immediately did the training to become a licensed trainer of my 5-Star Sales System.

Since then he has also become a licensed trainer of the Brian Tracy System plus Business Negotiations and he has already done several very successful training projects.

I can highly recommend anyone who is not just looking for creative and reliable trainer for their personnel but also want a person who is not afraid of doing really big projects and eager to learn new things all the time, get in contact with Dmitry Chernyshev and you will not be disappointed.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Yours sincerely,

Maksim Blagulyak,

manager of “Glavnaya doroga” company (Vladivostok city):

«Visiting one of Dmitry Chernyshev’s trainings gave me a load of inspiration to do my job. I really liked the topic: working with objections. I realized my own flaws while participating in this training. Now I understand better how to work with clients. I think a company should visit such an event at least twice a year».

Alina Syomkina,

chief logistician of «Hamburg-DV» company (Vladivostok city):

«Everything on your “Active sales” training is clear, entertaining and in right order! I even made a few discoveries during the training – subtle things that I might have known but couldn’t formulate I liked the fact that the training doesn’t consist only of theoretical part, but has also practical tasks in various conditions. Right now it’s important to confirm the skill received on the training in real life. Thank you for your work».

Goreva Natalia

chief of sales development team
Center of partnership sales “Dalniy Vostok”
“RGS-Life” insurance company” Ltd.

The training was not only dynamic and interesting, but also very useful! I think this program is very useful for people whose job is to negotiate and to communicate with others in general. You really do benefit from the time you spend here! I have seen many similar programs, but it’s the first time I’ve seen such detailed training and proper adjustment.
I was greatly impressed by the amount and quality of practical tasks! Everything was easy to understand and use in your work and daily life.

Natalia Filippova

Member of the Board of Directors of Ratimir LLC

I attended the training "Effective negotiations", first I got a lot of fun, there was a very creative atmosphere. Secondly, I received a lot of knowledge, unexpected for me, from the standpoint of conducting negotiations, not only in sales, but also simply in communications. I like system classes, and in this training I liked its structure. Examples, which Dmitry gave us, were very informative. Strong blocks about preparation for negotiations and a strategy for successful negotiations, I was able to understand right through the learning process that this is already bringing the results.

Andrey Dolenko

Deputy Director of TC "VSCP"

Training "Effective negotiations" left a very positive impression. The program, which was shown at the training, is unique in its kind. I attended many training events, both local teachers and visitors with a central region, and I can say that this is really different from everything. With the help of practical cases, we modeled real negotiations. It turned out that something did not work, but certainly it will help me to become even more effective.


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